The Collapse Network hosts discussions on various topics using Riot/Matrix. Here is a list of public and private rooms that are available to join:

  • Collapse Network (public): Main public discussion room
  • CN Wiki (public) (optional): Discussion of Collapsepedia: A Practical Wiki for Navigating Collapse
  • CN Topic Discussion (public) (optional): A room to discuss a collapse related topic of the week, facilitated by
  • CN General Disc. (non-public) (all): General discussion for Collapse Network contributors
  • CN Announcements (non-public) (all): Official announcements from the Collapse Network
  • CN Introductions (non-public) (all): Introductions by Collapse Network Contributors
  • CN Off-topic (non-public) (optional): Discussion and sharing of anything off-topic, such as music, videos, photos, etc.
  • CN Org. Planning (non-public) (optional): Discussion of Collapse Network general direction and operations
  • CN Tech Ops (non-public) (optional): Discussion of Collapse Network tech development, such as hosting, software & tools


  • Public: A public room available to anyone
  • Non-Public: A room available to Collapse Network (CN) Contributors
  • All: Rooms that all CN Contributors are automatically added to
  • Optional: Optional public and non-public rooms, based on personal interests
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