Major sections of the wiki are broken out below. There is also an Auto-generated Index at the bottom of the page. Newer topics that are in-process or recently added to The Topic Box will show up in the Uncategorized Pages Looking for Homes section of the index.

About the Wiki is a meta section that covers the ins and outs of the wiki itself; the guidelines, organization, and how to's.

Communication in this context is how groups and their members contact and share information with each other beyond the line of sight. It is a critical capability for forming groups, maintaining their dynamics, and organizing collaborative action and events.

The Current Events section of the wiki covers topics that are in the news, with a collapse-oriented perspective.

Emergency Preparedness covers a wide range of preparations and considerations that could be of use during emergencies or other disruptive events. These are often considered temporary, and the content here reflects that – these are not long-term adaptations to degraded social systems or permanent infrastructure failure or collapse.

Energy is a critical resource for all but the most basic human lifestyles. This is energy beyond calories collected from food in the environment; extending from needs for cooking or heating to much more advanced industrial and societal activities. Energy is a very important labor multiplier for complex civilization.

Food is one of the basic necessities of life. Acquiring that food ranges in complexity from foraging, to hunting, to ever more varied techniques for farming plants, animals, insects, and fungi.

Planning is where we collect frameworks, methods, and ideas to help with planning for collapse and emergency scenarios. Well organized and executed plans could make all the difference!

Shelter is a basic human need fundamental to all but the most hospitable environments. Shelter is also important for protecting tools and equipment, and in some cases plants and animals in farming systems will need extra protection from the natural environment as well.

Textiles covers processes, materials, and techniques for making cloth and cloth goods, from tapestries to rugs, blankets to clothing, and everything betwixt and between!

Transport & Travel covers powered and non-powered (or rather, person- or animal-powered) methods of transport, as well as travel in general, including navigation.

Water is one of, if not the most basic necessity of life. It is critical not just for dietary needs, but also has important secondary uses in cooking, sanitation, farming, energy systems and more.

Wellness covers the more advanced needs of humans and their culture, beyond those that address basic immediate threats to life. Mental well-being, happiness, compassionate care for children and the elderly – these are just some of the topics that fall under wellness. If you were to think of this in the context of Maslow's hierarchy of needs1), these would be the kinds of things beyond physiological needs.

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