Basic Editing

Creating a new page is as simple as creating a link on an existing page to your new page. The following input:

[[BestPageIntheWiki|The Best Page in the Wiki]]

ends up looking like this when you save the page:

The Best Page in the Wiki

You can click any red, dashed-underline link and then click “Create this Page” to get started working on it.

We have a quick start guide to get you up and running as quickly as possible on your first page and contribution to the wiki.

For a complete breakdown of all the markup and formatting options, check out the Syntax page. If you see something interesting on another page on the wiki, and you'd like to see how it was done, just click the Edit this Page link (it looks like a pencil) on the far right-hand side of the screen when viewing that page – have a look around the source markup to see how it works!

The complete manual for DokuWiki can be found here on their site for details on everything.

Link all the things! If it exists, link to it! If it should exist, link to it!

If you change your mind on the edit page, clicking “Cancel” will release your lock on the page so someone else can edit it. The lock will automatically release after five minutes of inactivity, but try to be courteous to other contributors.

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