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We are currently seeking individuals interested in an Admin Editor role on hosted by the Collapse Network. This is a fun and important job. You will be able to serve this community in an essential way, while reviewing and learning about all the awesome content we are creating as a community. If you are interested, please read the responsibilities of this role, listed below, and contact us at

  1. Read submissions
    1. Check spelling, punctuation and grammar
    2. Rewrite, edit to improve readability
  2. Fact checking
    1. Verify information, statistics, dates
  3. Layout design
    1. Edit layout to match Style Guide requirements
  4. Check for Plagiarism
    1. Request appropriate edits or sources for plagiarized work
  5. Organize content
    1. Create, delete or move pages
    2. Reorganize sections/subsections
  6. Edit restricted/protected pages
    1. Pages that are not publicly edited will be updated by the editors.
  7. Monitor user contributions in Collapsepedia
    1. Block or ban users who spam/abuse wiki
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