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This page is a work in progress, as not everything has been implemented to make the following possible.

Collections of pages that can comprehensively cover a topic have been made into sets of documents pre-formatted for offline use. These collections are marked with their date of creation, and are downloadable in several formats, including ePub, PDF, HTML, etc.

Stable sections of the wiki have been frozen and translated by community members.

The contents of this wiki are automatically committed to a git repository which allows you to clone (download) a copy of the whole wiki. This git repository can also be used as the source of an automatically generated mirror, which preserves the content of the wiki if this site is shut down. Community members are encouraged to save regular copies and host mirrors if they can, so that the material of the site can always be accessed by those who need it.

If you would like to host a copy of the site, see the mirroring guide.

* Example mirror

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